Nieuws over de Nederlandse Gouden Driehoek

Datum: 19/03/2018

Het NIDV-platform DUKC (Dutch Underwater Knowledge Centre) heeft een vierluik gepubliceerd.

Could Dutch industries design and build the replacement for the Walrus class submarines for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN)? The answer is: ‘Yes, we can’. Yet this answer merits two further questions: ‘why’ and ‘how’.

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Russia’s submarine fleet capable of countering any threats, naval experts say.

Russia’s modern submarine fleet is capable of countering any possible threats in the World Ocean through its intensive development and renewal, according to experts polled by TASS on the eve of Submariner Day.

The submarine fleet’s constant development and renewal are a guarantee of Russia’s security at all the sea borders, Vice-Admiral Oleg Burtsev, who held the post of the first deputy chief of the Russian Navy’s Main Staff in 2004-2011, said.

“Everything depends on the possibilities of our shipbuilding sector and other branches of industry. This is because the plans of the leadership of our country and our army are to ensure that we are capable of worthily countering any probable enemy from all directions,” the vice-admiral stressed.

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Nieuwe versie Kerngegevens Defensie beschikbaar

Op is de vernieuwde brochure met kerngegevens van Defensie gepubliceerd. In ‘Kerngegevens Defensie, feiten en cijfers’ is bijvoorbeeld informatie te vinden over de samenstelling van de krijgsmachtdelen, het budget en de inzet van de organisatie.

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