When it comes to being a weird mob, the French are gold medallists

An interesting yarn out of the ABC this week noted the many cultural clashes between the French and the Australians thrown together in the $50 billion exercise underway in the Adelaide shipyards to build Australia’s future submarine fleet of a dozen Shortfin Barracudas using Francais savoir-faire and good ol’ Aussie grunt.

For you see, when the French display a little je-ne-sais-quoi, the mystified Australians talk something about raw prawns to their stunned French counterparts.

On that subject, the Australians have no clue why, for the French, meal times are so sacrosanct. And the French can’t get their head around the fact that Australians think burning some snags on a hot top can be called a meal at all.

Lees verder in de Sydney Morning Harald