• Russia launched its second Karakurt-class corvette last week.
  • It is a much more improved version of Russia’s previous corvettes.
  • The Karakurt-class corvette seems to be as fast and as capable as a destroyer, but smaller.
  • Russia plans on building 18 Karakurt-class corvettes in total.

A new ballistic missile submarine wasn’t the only new vessel the Russian Navy got this November.

The new Karakurt-class corvette – dubbed “Typhoon” – was launched at the Pella shipyard in St. Petersburg Friday, November 24, after a short ceremony.

The Typhoon, only the second Karakurt-class corvette made so far, is the latest example of the Russian Navy’s increased reliance on small and heavily armed ships that can carry a massive payload of missiles. Russia plans to make 18 Karakurt-class corvettes in total.

The small vessels, comparable to the US Navy’s littoral combat ships, and known in the naval world as corvettes, were originally designed for use in the littoral zone, the area of water close to the shore. As such, the corvettes are much smaller than the frigates and destroyers that are the traditional focus of navies around the world.

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