New sub fleet blows out to $225 billion

Australia’s new 12-strong submarine fleet will cost taxpayers $225 billion, an estimates committee has been told.

Rear Admiral Greg Sammut said there was an $80 billion build cost, which was originally touted by defence to be $50 billion.

There would also be an $145 billion support and maintenance cost over the lifetime of the attack subs until 2080.

“It is only an estimate of the sustainment of the fleet, we are designing the sub today,” Read Admiral Sammut said.

The submarines are being built in a contract with French submarine company Naval Group.

The $80 billion build cost also covered other infrastructure related to the submarines, including upgrades to the wharves where they’d be housed.

Defence heads also said there was a high risk the new submarines would not be ready by the early 2030s.

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds denied the subs would be technologically obsolete by the time they hit the water.

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