According to Navantia, its proposal for the Walrus Replacement Program provides a low risk solution with high involvement of the Dutch industry

Spanish shipyard Navantia announced today that it is proposing an adaptation to Dutch requirements and local content of the Spanish Navy S80 Plus submarine, as part of its bid for the Walrus Replacement Program. According to Navantia, with a modern design and a similar size to Walrus-class of about 3,000 tons, the reference design is already fully compliant with Dutch requirements including growth potential.

The expeditionary S-80 design is fully funded and already in production, therefore the minimal technical, schedule and financial risks provide an advantage comparing with completely new solutions. The modern design and the new yard infrastructure with a highly automated construction will lead to a solution offering substantial savings respect to any competing offer.

Navantia explained that its proposal is the only one offering its parent Navy solution, providing the possibility of a common fleet of eight expeditionary submarines offers sharing resources and co-operation in the fields of training, logistics support and operations, a unique joint capability within NATO. Past co-operation between the two countries with the Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment and Landing Platform Dock programs has proven to be very successful.

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