Nederlandse Marinebouw

Nederland is een trotse zeevarende natie, met een hoogwaardige marine om onze handels- en nationale belangen te beschermen. Daarbij is door de eeuwen heen een uniek ecosysteem ontwikkeld, waarbinnen marine, kennisinstituten en bedrijven gezamenlijk schepen ontwikkelen en bouwen. De Koninklijke Marine fungeert als ‘launching customer’ om deze nieuwe innovatieve scheepstypes en -systemen in de praktijk te toetsen. Door deze wisselwerking van operationele maritieme ervaring en hoogtechnologische marinebouw kan Nederland altijd beschikken over de meest moderne schepen tegen een aantrekkelijke prijs. Bovendien zijn deze scheepstypes gewild voor de export of ter overname als gemoderniseerd tweedehands schip. Lees hieronder welke bedrijven en instellingen onderdeel uitmaken van de Nederlandse marinebouw:

Nederlandse marinebouw

Airborne specialises in the design, production and maintenance of advanced composite products and systems. Several years of experience have given Airborne the capability to develop and produce innovative composite products, structures and systems for the defence and aerospace industries, oil and gas, and marine market. Airborne's capabilities include conceptual design, mechanical engineering, structural design & analyses, design of electrics and controls, prototyping, testing and production of composite products and systems . Engineering services like 3D CAD modelling and Finite Element Analyses can be provided by the use of high-end software. The maintenance facility of Airborne is located at the Main Support Base of the Royal Netherlands Airforce in Woensdrecht. Airborne Services specialises in the maintenance and overhaul of composite structures with a focus on helicopter rotor blades. Experience and capabilities are available to work on the NH90, Cougar, Chinook and Apache helicopter. Furthermore civil helicopter blades and other military structures as UAV’s can be repaired the airbase. The production facility of Airborne is well equipped for processing composites. The factory at Ypenburg, The Hague has a working area of 4.000 m2, including a large clean room of 1.000 m2. Furthermore two autoclaves and two ovens are available to cure the composite structures. The base material is automatically cut on a prepreg cutting machine, controlled directly from the CAD design data. The quality of the final product is checked by NDI with an Air Scan and 3D Laser Tracker. Products can be trimmed by use of CNC machinery. The production processes of this facility include pre-preg hand lay-up and ATL, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), filament winding (thermoset), tape winding (thermoplastic), pressing, and bonding (metals & plastics). Certificate: EN9100
You like to be on the same wavelength, regardless of whom you are working with. Alewijnse understands that. We design, deliver and integrate electrical engineering systems and deliver total solutions. All over the world, for the maritime sector,  industry and retail. We work fast, competently and resourcefully and are backed up by a century of experience. In all of these areas, cooperation is our basis. As an innovative product and system integrator, we would like to know more about what moves you, what drives you. Where your ambitions lie and how we can help you, from engineering to implementation. That is how we can best fulfil our role as a reliable and energetic partner. It is also how we can work for you transparently and achieve the best and most sustainable solution. Are you ready for a productive cooperative relationship? Have you ever thought about how versatile technology is? About all the different ways you can use the latest solutions? Innovation knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless. And at Alewijnse we know all about that. We provide total solutions in the field of electrical engineering and can help you with engineering and automation, distributors, control panels, light and power systems, data networks, fire alarm systems and ICT infrastructure solutions. And we can do this for every specialist area in your project. From advice, engineering and installation to commissioning, service and maintenance. Alewijnse gives its 1.300 employees all the space they need to be creative. We are constantly investing in knowledge and innovation. We design, supply and integrate advanced solutions and make them as sustainable as possible. And we do all of this efficiently and reliably. But also professionally and dynamically, so that as our client you reap the benefits of our creativity.
A medium-sized company which has fully specialised in the design and manufacturing of rigid and complicated aluminium constructions since the 1960's. Production is carried out in a number of construction halls. All of these halls have been fitted with shop-cranes and large sized doors to enable indoor construction of the products. The yard is situated on open water (river Lek ) close to Rotterdam. Bayards' activities have been splitup in six divisions:
- Shipbuilding: superstructures and hulls for fast ferries, yachts and cruise ships
- Offshore and diving: helidecks, gangways and living quarters
- Transport: containers and trailer-chassis
- Tanks and Vessels : Columns, pressure vessels, tanks and heat exchangers
- Defence: Super-structures, Wheelhouses and several foundations for mine hunters for Dutch , Belgium and Indonesian Navy; Non magnetic decompression installations for mine hunters; Containers for transport and storage of Sperwer unmanned air-vehicles; Maintenance and inspection MGB bridges; 150 pcs Transport pallets for Dutch Army; 750 pcs Transport Shelters (through Fokker SP); Cannister frames for Patriot Missiles (through Fokker SP); and various other projects and products
- Civil constructions:
traffic bridges , tribunes , power-conductors All above mentioned have been designed and constructed in a variety of aluminium alloys Welding according MIG and TIG process with qualified welders and approved welding procedures An in-house design department is available to meet all needs and requirements. Quality control system in accordance with AQAP-4 and ISO 9001. Bayards Italia is based in Milan and Bayards Merlin is based in Kristiansand Norway. These companies are recently established to stay in close contact with our clients in the northern and southern parts of Europe.
The strength of Bolidt, which was founded in 1964, is developing, producing and applying thermosetting synthetics. Bolidt synthetic systems can be found in the form of (industrial) resin based flooring, ship decks, sports flooring and wearing courses in road construction and in commercial and industrial building. These systems meet the specific mechanical, chemical, electrical and aesthetic demands of the market. While employing their own application teams Bolidt carries out a wide variety of projects all over the world. Their customers are mainly companies, which operate on a local and international level, contractors and governments. The company works in close contact with architects and consultants. The main aim is to strengthen the position in the domestic market while structurally increasing market shares abroad through marketing 250 flooring systems in a modern way and through entering into strategic alliances.
Storm or rough swell, tropical or arctic oceans, on the surface or at a depth of 6,000 meters: The most important requirement for marine engineering is its reliability. For more than 50 years, Rexroth has been equipping ships of all kinds with drive and control solutions for numerous different tasks. We accompany OEMs, shipyards and ocean carriers from the design and commissioning through the entire life cycle of the ship and ensure that our technology works reliably and efficiently.

CONTOUR is an independed, professional and innovative organisation in technique with a focus on it’s cusomer, it’s employees and on a positive imago in it’s branch. It is a multi-disciplined company with a wide range of quality products and it is a reliable partner for it’s (inter-)national customers. With an ‘One Stop Strategy’ Contour has an unique position in the marked, which makes it able to act as chain manager for small enterprises, governments and larger companies (OEM). Employees are familiair with and aware of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and legal regulations and standards. Contour AS is specialized in design, build, integrate, test, document and maintain (ILS) systems, incl. training and environmentals. Product examples are:
- Shelters / Containers / Trailers;
- (back-up) Power and Climate (A1/C1) Containers/Units;
- Mobile Data Centres;
- High Fidelity-Simulators;
- Full System Integration;
- Mechanical / Electrical programs;
- 19-inch Cabinets and Consoles (ergonomic);
- Cabling: Power, Data, RF/Coax and Network;
- Sheet Metal. Individual and as partner, Contour AS delivers high standard quality products to its Military and Civilian customers. The company has all required quality certificates to fullfill customer needs (eg. ISO-9001 / AQAP 2110 / ISO-14001 / VCA (H&S) / F-gas) and it is familiair with handling crypto.
Damen Shipyards Group’s defence and security portfolio is perfectly suited to today’s maritime security challenges. From fast interceptors and modular auxiliary vessels to the most sophisticated combatants and from highly efficient coast guard boats to state-of-the-art air defence frigates and strategic joint support ships – it includes virtually every type of vessel that a modern navy demands. From 7 metres long and all the way up to 200+ metres. We have the experience – just look back at our 140-year history. Constantly striving to deliver the best, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has designed, built and developed vessels for naval clients all over the world.
Navies around the world use De Regt's tow cables for their various active or passive sonar systems. De Regt Marine Cables can supply complete, fully terminated, torque balanced cable assemblies including underwater mateable connections. De Regt has built up the knowledge to combine several types of high quality strength members in a single cable setup. This gets the maximum out of drag reduction and tow strength. The systems are designed for operations requiring swift deployment and extreme reliability. The combination of experience in application environments plus extensive project management makes De Regt a dependable partner for major naval system suppliers.
Discom BV Alblasserdam
The control of noise becomes an aspect of increasing importance. Governmental legislation, environmental regulations are the key drivers to reduce the emission of noise of internal combustion engines. Discom B.V, one of the leading specialists in marine and industrial noise control of combustion engines Worlwide, offers solutions to the market of any kind and is a business partner from noise source to complete turnkey projects. Discom B.V. has the ability for in-house R & D, product application engineering and manufacturing. Discom ‘s professional engineering staff, offers the most efficient and cost-effective solutions shipowners ever could imagine. An intensive process of innovation constantly boost Discom products through the boundaries of technical excellence. Discom is an ISO-9001 certificated company, Quality is controlled through a severe and strictly monitored production process, for that reason Discom products meet the highest possible standard with a constant quality level. If required, all products can be supplied with classification authority approval and other supportive production documentation, like QA-QC plans, welding certification…etc A highly motivated and skilled team of production employees and the modern production facilities offers excellent product quality and timely availability. Discom has the ability to supply a vast range of products, therefore delivery performance records are extremely high.Short delivery times are guaranteed for tailor-made solutions or products. Discom’s vast product range consists of:
-standard exhaust silencers
-tailor-made exhaust silencers both dry and waterinjected versions. (also IRS)
-(certified)sparkarresters [also integrated in exhaust silencers]
-greenline silencers [exhaust silencers with oxidation catalyst]
-stainless steel exhaustbellows
-anti-vibration mountings and rigid supports for exhaustline mounting

All products are in house manufactured by using carefully selected materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel (also super austenitics) and aluminium
As per March 1st 2012 KEMA became part of the DNV Group, a global provider of services for managing risk with more than 10,000 employees in over 100 countries. As of 12 September 2013, DNV and GL have merged to form DNV GL. We now form the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society, the leading technical advisor to the global oil and gas industry, and a leading expert for the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. We’ve also taken a position as one of the top three certification bodies in the world. DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our 3,000 energy experts support clients around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply.
ESTechnologies BV is established in 2009 by Cor Meedendorp and Diederick Stam, both managing partners of Floattech BV. Cor and Diederick have many years of field experience at well known shipyards. They evaluated their knowledge of energy systems and the knowledge of other companies and developed the first Lithium-Polymer Marine battery with Lloyds certificate in the world. This battery is specially designed and certified for Marine applications and large energy storage systems in the most harsh environment and contributes directly to CO2 reduction. To guarantee the extensive lifetime of this battery, ESTechnologies has also designed a unique Constant Real Time Active Battery Management System. The batteries can be installed modular in series or parallel. The battery banks are being built with modules of 5 or 10 kWh in steps of 50 Volt and can be enlarged from 10 kWh (52V) up to 1000V and some MWh. This unique Dutch product can safely be applied to large scalable electrical energy storage systems.
Naval applications are subject to some of the most challenging requirements found at sea as well as on land. As the archetypal mobile but heavy force, the navy is often called upon to channel disaster relief or secure distant areas. This may require it to sail anywhere in the world at short notice, including regions with extreme climates far from supply lines. When this happens, it is important to know that you can rely on your heating, ventilation and airconditioning units no matter what. Heinen & Hopman Engineering has longestablished and wideranging practical experience in the maritime field. We also provide global coverage and 24-7 service availability thanks to major service points and spare part depots around the world. Our policy of total system responsibility means that we carry out the full cycle of customised design, production, installation and maintenance. In addition, Heinen & Hopman organises procurement, shipping, logistic support, assembly, testing and trials both onshore and off. All components used in Heinen & Hopman units are subject to shock and vibration criteria and can be mounted on absorbers. All systems and devices mounted onboard are electromagnetically compatible. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is minimised or shielded at the source through the fitting of • motors free of radio interference
• earthed foundations and aggregates
• shielded boxes and panels
• EMI-controlled custom-built components such as switches and relays, and shielded cables After completion and commissioning, installations will be tested both during sea trials and in the harbour. In addition to countless merchant vessels, offshore installations, yachts and buildings, Heinen & Hopman Engineering has equipped a number of navy ships, including Corvettes for the Indonesian Navy, Corvettes for the Moroccan Navy, a training vessel for the Algerian Navy and a hydrographic research vessel for the Royal Netherlands and the recent delivered comprises the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman. At present the order portfolio includes Corvettes for a Far East Nation, a series of Patrol Vessels for a Middle East Nation, Minehunters for a North African Nation and Patrol Vessels for the Carribean, Europe and Africa.
Demanding markets are served by KVE Composites Group, our major markets being aerospace, defence and machine construction. Keywords of the services delivered by KVE Composites Group are: • Optimal product design, engineering and manufacturing,
Research and Technology Development for efficient manufacturing technologies and • Systems engineering with integrated composite parts • Repair of composite aerospace components • Advanced composite training Quality is an integral part of KVE Composites Group services, being ISO9001 certified by Lloyds Register since 2001.
KPN Critical Communications, as a KPN division, helps to make society safer by ensuring that everyone gets connected when every second counts. Safety is part of our DNA. We stay on our toes and make life easier for staff working in public safety, defense, industry, transport and the maritime sector by connecting them through our know-how, experience and robust and innovative services, 24 hours a day. We have a full understanding of safety: no one is better able - under all circumstances - to take end-to-end control of designing, installing, managing and maintaining vital communication systems. KPN Critical Communications is a division of KPN, the #1 supplier of telecommunications and ICT services in the Netherlands. With over 150 employees, KPN Critical Communications combines the flexibility, initiative and personal approach of a small organization with the clout of the KPN group. Our knowledge and experience in the field combined with our willingness to come up with solutions for the entire sector enable us to provide service 24/7. We have the capacity and the means to be innovative and to act decisively. Safety comes first at KPN Critical Communications. We have years of experience with Private Mobile Radio, C2000 (emergency services communications system), 112 (emergency telephone number), NCV (national emergency network), and Amber Alert. With our commitment and helpfulness we ensure that essential communication works and keeps working. We guarantee continuity and understand that every second counts.
Mafo Holding BV and its subsidiaries Mafo Naval Closures BV and Mafo Food and Cleaning Equipment BV are located in Almelo, the Netherlands. Mafo was founded approximately 50 years ago in Oldenzaal/Netherlands and has since been in the business of design and manufacture of structural water- and gastight doors hatches and scuttles (closures) for commercial but especially Naval Surface vessels. Mafo Naval Closures BV ( Mafo for short) also designs telescopic helicopter hangar doors for Naval vessels. Mafo products are sold to Navies worldwide and are tested and qualified to many military standards. The products are regularly tested for shock, vibration, hydro pressure and life cycles. Mafo designs and manufactures closures in aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and several composite materials and Mafo works together with Navies, Naval Architects and Shipyards in an early stage of a new ship design, to achieve at the most efficient closure design and integration of the closures in the ships structure. Recently Mafo has designed a new line of closures. These closures are virtually maintenance free – they passed 5 million cycles and no maintenance was required. These closures can be installed easily in warped bulkheads and also in corrugated bulkheads. The closures also have excellent RCS signatures and are very light weight. These are now in use on board of US Navy vessels since 2000 and on several ships classes: DDG 51 Class, LPD 17 Class and LCS Class. Mafo structural doors are also manufactured under license in the USA.
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE based in Augsburg, Germany, is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of low- and medium speed engines. Over 50% of world marine trade is powered by diesel engines from MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. As well as large two- and four-stroke diesel engines, the company also offers turbochargers, propeller installations, marine gears, propulsion packages and turbo machinery such as steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors for the process industry. In addition to diesel engines, the MAN Diesel & Turbo product range also comprises two and four-stroke gas engines with dual-fuel or spark-ignition. The engines are built at the MAN Diesel & Turbo works in Germany, Denmark, France and India, as well as by a global network of MAN Diesel & Turbo licensees. The marine engine power range is from 1,290 kW to 87,220 kW and auxiliary generating sets are offered with outputs from 430 kWe to 10,864 kWe. MAN Diesel & Turbo | PrimeServ is the integrated, company-wide organization combining the after-sales activities of all MAN Diesel & Turbo products, ensuring global accessibility of spare parts, service, maintenance and repair of the complete MAN Diesel & Turbo product portfolio. MAN Diesel & Turbo | PrimeServ Benelux is a part of this global MAN Diesel & Turbo service organisation and consists of approximately 120 service related personnel at its service centres on both the Rotterdam and Antwerp harbour areas. With these both locations MAN Diesel & Turbo | PrimeServ Benelux directly improves the complete service portfolio to all ports in Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Benelux specialists are however requested to locations all over the world to assist in complicated service and overhaul works. The workshops and specialists at both locations have the full capability to support the maintenance and repair of all types of MAN Diesel & Turbo 2- & 4-stroke diesel engines, turbochargers, fuel equipment, turbo machinery and automation packages.
Those operating in an environment that’s as dynamic as the sea itself need access to expert knowledge and independent research. Maritime research institute MARIN is a provider of advanced hydrodynamic and nautical expertise to the international maritime and offshore industry and governments. We do this based on the latest calculation and testing facilities, full-scale measurement and simulators, and by working together with our extensive innovation and research network. All this accumulated expertise helps us to realise our goal: the development of cleaner, safer and smarter ships and maritime constructions. Founded in 1932, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) is based in Wageningen and employs a staff of 370. MARIN, challenging wind and waves.
Nedinsco provides the defence market with a full range of products and services based on unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competencies. Nedinsco is fully certified in line with the appropriate military standards and can develop and produce cost-effective, reliable, sophisticated and high-quality systems. We are capable of taking responsibility for the total lifecycle which runs from concept to prototype to serial production and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). Nedinsco's extensive product range is ideally suited to land, sea and air systems. An impressive array of both standard and customised products and bespoke solutions has been developed as a result of close collaboration with customers. Nedinsco has acquired considerable experience in complex optical systems within the following product categories: - Day sight cameras
- Direct view solutions
- Sensor platforms
- Bore sighting
- Training systems (shooting ranges, simulation equipment, etc.) Nedinsco has acknowledgeable experience regarding industrial participation and offset within the defence industry.
Nevesbu is a consultancy and engineering agency for design and engineering of ships for navies and naval shipyards world-wide. The expertise of Nevesbu encompasses all kinds of navy ships: from submarines to fleet tankers, from LCMs and OPVs to LPDs. Nevesbu has more than 75 year experience in this sector. Innovative design, knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs give Nevesbu a unique position in the world for the design of navy ships and the complex systems on board. Through its independent position as consulting engineers Nevesbu maintains good contacts with leading research institutes, universities, national and international authorities all over the world. Nevesbu offers the following services: 
- Consultancy & Specialist Engineering, Independent assessment, Feasibilities studies and 
 specialistic analyses
- Design of new ships for special assignments and navy ship, including basis and draft design- Multidisciplinary design and engineering of submarines, underwater systems and navy vessels
- Multidisciplinary design for convert and life extension of navy ships and special ships, platform 
 system integration
- Multidisciplinary design of special systems on board of navy ships At Nevesbu the design group for naval engineering is complemented and supported by all additional disciplines, such as structural analysis and design, mechanical and marine engineering, design of electrical and control systems, design of piping systems and layout design of technical spaces. Nevesbu is specialised in the conceptual and basic design, though it also provides specific advice and direct technical support.
The iconic VW minivan sums up the Pon mindset. Flashback to 1947. Europe is rebuilding. Ben Pon, the importer for Volkswagen in the Netherlands, visits the Volkswagen plant in Germany, which at that time operates under British authority. history-schetsBen Pon is keen to talk to them, trusting in the qualities of Volkswagen. He wants to be the Volkswagen importer for the Netherlands. His call has unexpected, dramatic consequences. Ben pulls up his notepad and draws the outlines of a transportation vehicle which he senses to fill a gap in the market. The vehicle, based on the Volkswagen beetle, weighs exactly as much as its maximum payload: 750 kilograms. Ben’s idea resonates and the vehicle is taken into mass production. The Volkswagen Transporter soon becomes a best-seller, with many more variations to follow. Pioneering is in Pon’s DNA. More than 100 years later, the Pon family concern has a rich history to look back on. An overview of landmark events in Pon’s history.
RH Marine is a leading system integrator and innovator of electrical and automation systems in the maritime industry, and delivers tailored solutions for complex Defence, Safety & Security ships. Our in-house capabilities include: Project management, consultancy, system design, engineering, commissioning, installation, site management, training and service support.

Not just the The Royal Netherlands Navy and Dutch shipyards belong to the military customers but also other navies including: Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, Morocco, Oman, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and South Korea sail with RH Marine systems. 
RH Marine supports and advises the customer from the design phase through the entire life cycle of the ship. This end to end approach allows for optimal configuration for the operational goals, and minimization of the life cycle costs. We ensure safe, sustainable, comfortable and cost efficient continuity of operations for our customers by integrating smart and cost effective solutions since 1860.

RH Marine is certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance and complies with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001.
Rohde & Schwarz is more than 70 years a privately owned company that is internationally active in the fields of radio-communications and test and measurement. The company has developed over the years to become an organization with more than 7000 employees worldwide, and a sales-network extending over more than 80 countries. Rohde & Schwarz has its headquarters in Munich, manufacturing plants in Munich, Memmingen and Teisnach. Rohde & Schwarz NEDERLAND B.V. (RSN) was founded in 1979 as an independent company, to market the products in the Netherlands. The company is managed by Mr. R.A. den Hartog. RSN has experience as system integrator in C4I systems for Defense applications and is turn-key system integrator for projects. In our Project office we have broad experience with managing and executing integrated communication projects. As well within as outside The Netherlands we can be responsible for the project management, engineering, assembling, installation, testing and after-sales with short and simple lines of communication to our Customer. In addition to this an extensive logistic support range is available including training, repair, documentation, calibration, and spare parts. More specific for the military ranges this includes i.e.: - HF/VHF/UHF-transceivers, including ECCM, (Have Quick, SATURN), land mobile, airborne and 
naval application
- Tactical radio-communications 
- Message Handling Systems
- Radio direction finders for HF/VHF/UHF
- Antenna-systems
- Radio monitoring
- IT-security products
- Cellular Networks
- Integrated Internal & External ship communication systems
- HF/VHF/UHF radio and satellite communication system, integrated in shelters/containers
- Precision time and frequency systems.

Solico is an engineering company specialised in design of composite constructions. Composites or fibre reinforced plastic materials are well known for their lightweight and high strength properties. Additional advantages are the perfect performance in nonmagnetic properties, electrical- and thermal insulation plus RCS and EMP. With these materials we have realized numerous successful designs: • Sonar dome designs of M- and LCF frigates
• Modifications to all composite minehunter “ALKMAAR” class
• Non-magnetic reels
• Oto melara gun shielding
• Design of composite interceptors Solico is founded in 1989 and is fully independent from any material supplier or production facility. In this way, we are able to produce a detailed design combined with the optimal production method. More info at
SurCom International, active since 1992 in the European defense and security market, specializes in providing products and turn-key systems for communication and surveillance applications. In the area of communication and information systems, we offer effective and affordable solutions in tactical voice and data communications, covering highly specialized applications such as UHF/DAMA TACSAT, military ground-air-ground communications, CSAR radio, intelligent voice interconnect, tactical mobile network routing, man-portable and mobile SIGINT/DF systems, etc. Being independent enables us to tailor systems to the customer’s particular concept of operations and technical requirements. In the area of surveillance, our product range covers a variety of electro-optical devices for limited visibility operations. These include infrared thermal imaging and image intensifier-based observation, surveillance and target acquisition systems. Through Service Level Agreements and investing in advanced test equipment, we ensure life-of-type support of delivered products and systems. Amongst others we maintain the RNLAF’s MIDS Link-16 terminal equipment, the RNLA’s light-weight electronic warfare assets, the C2 component of the RNLA and RNLMC ‘AFSIS’ mortar fire information system and ISAF’s Air C2 V/UHF radionet. SurCom International BV is a member of the Netherlands Defense Manufacturers Association (NIID), The Netherlands C2 Platform and Marine Technology Platform and a Corporate Sponsor of the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA). SurCom International BV has been accredited to ISO9001:2000 and AQAP-2110:2003 and operates from a modern and well equipped NATO secure facility in the city of Rhenen with ample space for vehicle and shelter integration.
Thales Nederland develops, produces and supports complete systems for naval and ground-based applications, as well as for military telecommunication. In the naval programs, for instance, facilities for command and control, sensors, weapon control, and communications. Besides these systems, the portfolio of Thales Nederland includes products such as radar and sensors, weapon control equipment, optronics, display equipment, and communications equipment. Thales Nederland is actively involved in various international participation projects in the fields of Defence and Aerospace.
TNO has over 3000 professionals who put their knowledge and experience to work in creating smart solutions to complex issues. These innovations help to sustainably strengthen industrial competitiveness and social wellbeing. We are partnered by some 3000 companies and organizations, including SMEs, both in the Netherlands and around the world. For example on the topic of Healthy Living we initiate technological and societal innovations for improving a healthy life and a dynamic society.
Trelleborg is thought leader and international recognized solution provider in the 
field of shock, vibration and noise control. With excellent technical know-how 
in combination with proven market knowledge and experience Trelleborg designs, 
develops and engineers innovative solutions for the most complex and 
challenging situations for leading clients worldwide for almost 100 years.

Trelleborg understands all difficulties in the area of vibration, shock and noise 
control entirely. We bring up the best and most cost effective solution for every challenge, 
regardless of its complexity. Trelleborg defines and engineers all deliverables 
necessary for solving your problem, ranging from standard to tailor-made 
solutions. Trelleborg’ state-of-the-art portfolio contains all products and 
services to provide you with the optimal solution for relatively simple as well 
as the most complex challenges.
Verebus is an engineering and consulting company with its roots in engineering, technical documentation and asset (information) management. Our primary markets are Defence, marine and offshore markets. We offer consultancy and solutions at all stages of the engineering life cycle. From design and construction to training, logistic life cycle support and operations. We handle engineering, technical documentation, integrated logistic support, data (information) management and technical training, thus working in close partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Defence and their suppliers. As a result, Verebus offers complete outsourcing of all activities related to efficient Asset Information Management. All the necessary competencies are bundled in a Capability Sustainment Platform. If necessary, these activities can be carried out in partnership with other companies in the Defence industry. Verebus is one of the few external experts of the Royal Netherlands Army to provide ILS support and therefore connected to the ILS databases within the MoD Network. Verebus is located 15 km from the NL-DMO (Material Organization MoD). We could offer bridgehead support for foreign OEM’s.
Van Halteren Special Products B.V. (VHSP) provides technical services and develops & builds high-tech components and solutions for the Defence market, both Army and Navy, and the Civil (rail) market. VHSP provides technical services from design, realisation, operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul to midlife updates. Products and activities range from engines, transmissions, power packs, cooling systems and collective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection, climate control and chiller units for armoured vehicles, to naval applications and rail solutions. VHSP offers its clients solutions during the complete lifecycle of a product. Solutions are customized where necessary.