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Datum: 28/03/2018

MKS 180: The DAMEN coup attempt under a UE flag

Damen, a frigate designer, really ?

Obviously there is, right now, no design capability of a combat ship type MKS 180, neither in GNY nor in B&V, all German first rank warship design capabilities having been put aside by TKMS, for its own use, when they sold the Hamburg yard to B&V and the Kiel one to GNY.

Clearly also, out of the two European partners: DAMEN and BAE, only BAE still retains some warship design capacity; even if not a dream partner, with a last frigate design experience in 1984 (Type 23), somewhat revived by the Type 45 destroyers designed in 2000 (first of class delivered by Vosper, a  shipyard now closed).

As for DAMEN, one cannot but be stunned by the provocative letter sent last week to Members of the German Parliament by the joint CEOs of B&V and DAMEN, in which DAMEN is highlighted as responsible for the complete design of the future MKS 180[1]

In the same letter it is stated with some surprising commercial coarseness that the MKS 180 of DAMEN brand would rank one of the first in the world of surface combatants[2], which sounds as an attractive marketing hook.

[1] “Das design für die angebotenen Fregatten MKS 180 käme aus den Niederlanden”.

[2] “Es entspricht den weltweit modernsten Standards im Überwassersschiffbau”. 

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Britain joins first project backed by new EU defence research fund

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Fifteen European Union countries including Britain signed the first project under its new defence research fund on Wednesday, the latest small step towards integrating European militaries and their industries.

While the 35-million-euro ($43 million) EU grant for naval surveillance technology is modest, the fund aims to grow from its pilot phase to a multi-mullion-euro undertaking from 2021.

“It’s an important moment, we’ve managed to gather together 42 companies from 15 member states,” European Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska told reporters following a signing ceremony.

Italy’s aerospace and defence group Leonardo SPA will lead the Ocean2020 project that also includes Estonia, France, Greece, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

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Damen belooft honderden banen in strijd om grootste Duitse marine-order ooit

Damen Shipyards, de grootste scheepsbouwer van Nederland, maakt grote kans op de grootste Duitse marineorder ooit. Als de Nederlandse scheepsbouwer de megaorder van € 3,5 mrd en € 4 mrd inderdaad krijgt, zal het meer dan honderd Duitse toeleveranciers bij het marineproject betrekken en honderden nieuwe arbeidsplaatsen creëren.

De marinewerf van Damen in Vlissingen. Als Damen de grote Duitse marineorder krijgt, zal de Zeeuwse werf ook profiteren, maar het meeste werk zal in Duitsland worden uitgevoerd.

Dat beloven Hein van Ameijden, directeur van de Vlissingse marinewerf Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding en directeur Dieter Dehlke van de Hamburgse scheepswerf Blohm +Voss in een brief aan alle politieke fracties van het Duitse parlement.

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