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Datum: 08/02/2018

Why the Dutch Military Punches Below Its Weight

Years of spending cuts have left the Dutch armed forces unable to meet even NATO’s Article 5 commitments. Amid all the hype about European defense, what’s happening back in the member states is sometimes forgotten. After all, they have to adopt defense budgets, procure military equipment, and send troops into combat.

Take the case of the Netherlands. Its previous defense minister had to concede in 2015 that the Dutch armed forces were not fully up to their Article 5 defense tasks. The Netherlands, by the way, was not alone.

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Australië: ”Future Submarine plans back in the spotlight”

The Senate has set its sights on seeking the Industry Capability Plan submitted by Future Submarine designer Naval Group in response to the $50 billion SEA 1000 tender.

In response to a story published on Defence Connect, Nick Xenophon Team senator Rex Patrick will next seek to move a motion seeking an Order for Production for the Industry Capability Plan submitted by Naval Group in 2016.

In an interview with Defence Connect, the former CEO of DCNS Australia, Sean Costello, confirmed that the 90 per cent local content build figure discussed by Costello and Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne was in its tender response to Defence.  “There’s a difference between 90 per cent of build activities and the total contract value, and there has been confusion since between those two things,” Costello told Defence Connect

The 90 per cent figure since been the subject of much debate within industry and government circles, with Costello’s successor, interim CEO Brent Clark, fuelling the fanfare in June last year at Senate estimates when he was asked whether the 90 per cent target was correct.

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