In 2009, I was privileged to meet my enemy in Norway.  The Russian Kilo class submarine Magnitogorsk was one of many nations celebrating the centenary of the Norwegian Submarine Service.  If you ever thought the Cold War had finished, this would show that it was up and running again, (MDGSRF or GRU as was) escorts, Russian OP’s watching the berthed submarines, many translators…and even a Honey Trap.  My US counterpart had a NCIS detachment with him.  As a group of captains, we spent 4 days together being transported from one event to another to meet Norwegian dignitaries and I have to say I learned a lot about him and it confirmed much of what I’d studied over 20 years.  The Russian’s were an obsession since the early 90’s.  I studied their history, both military and otherwise, I’d try and learn about their leadership, both political and military.  I probably owe Tom Clancy for setting me off on that journey back in 1989!

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