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Rapport DUKC: The Capabilities and Participation Objectives of Industries in the Netherlands

In September 2013, the Ministry of Defense (MoD)1 announced plans to replace the Walrus Class submarines in the coming twenties. These plans included the explicit desire to collaborate with European partners. In response to the announcement the members of the Dutch Underwater Knowledge Center (DUKC) felt the need to put forward their ambition to become an integral partner in this programme and to discuss this with MoD. Subsequently it triggered this report on Participation Objectives which is based on an earlier DUKC report “Onderzeebootkennis” that was presented to MoD on 16 November 2012.

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Greece sues for 7 billion euros over German submarines that have never sailed

Exclusive: Military deal which became symbolic of financial crisis now at centre of international legal case over Greece’s geo-political reputation

Greece has launched a multi-billion euro claim against one of Germany’s biggest defence firms who sold the financially-beleaguered country four submarines in a complicated deal which has become symbolic of the country’s economic woes. The controversial deal has threatened Greece’s position in Nato, according to well-placed sources, led to the criminal prosecution of the country’s defence minister and the resignation of a senior Naval figure. The Telegraph today publishes photographs of the four submarines, which are still unfinished in a Greek shipyard almost 15 years after they were first ordered.

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